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 Nina was found as a stray in eastern Ohio and spotted on Facebook by a keen eyed person in Alaska who contacted us! The shelter gave us 48 hours to pick her up or she would be put down. Fortunately, a wonderful OES rescuer, who had helped with Brutus, on 1 day's notice, drove from Cincinnati to Cadiz, OH, to Staunton, VA (1,400 miles roundtrip) and got Nina and took her to Deb Evans, who in turn, got her cleaned up and to Mallory in southern VA. Nina is very young - perhaps just over 1 year old - very pretty, VERY smart, and very strong. She is very good with people and is large dog friendly. Nina (short for "Menina" - named by Deb's neighbor, who also helped), is in great health, has no issues, and is ready to go to a home prepared to deal with a young, active, super smart TM girl. Nina doesn't care for small dogs or cats. Her only real issue is extreme fear of thunderstorms. Nina is staying in Virginia.

See Nina on YouTube:


Nina has gone home to Washington, D.C.! She will be an only dog (at least for the moment)  and we hope she will have a great life - and that we will be able to post pictures in her new home.