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Is Your Tibetan Mastiff eligible for TM Rescue?

Click here to download and read (PDF Format) an excellent article on:
"How To Find a New Home for your Tibetan Mastiff"

It has become clear that it is not generally understood which TM is eligible for assistance from Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc. and which TM is not.

TM Rescue was formed to help Tibetan Mastiffs that have been abandoned, placed in shelters (whether kill or no kill), or that belong to people who have died or who have suffered a serious illness that has left them incapable of caring for their dog.

TM Rescue was not formed to help people who have a Tibetan Mastiff that is aggressive and that they can no longer handle; it was not formed to help people who find their TMs inconvenient or uninteresting or not as good as their new dog; and it was not formed to help people who are moving and do not wish to be bothered to take their TM with them. While we realize that this may sound harsh, we believe that each owner of each Tibetan Mastiff must take responsibility for his or her own dog.

So, if you have a dog that has bitten the neighbor, we will not take your dog. If you are moving and you feel it is inconvenient to take your dog with you, we will not take your dog. If you feel that your dog needs more attention and would be "happier elsewhere", we will not take your dog. If your dog has health problems that you do not wish to deal with, we will not take your dog. Unfortunately, TM Rescue's resources, both financial and in terms of volunteers' time, is limited and our resources must be spent on those dogs with no known owners or with owners who have died, become gravely ill, or have another valid reason for being incapable of taking care of their pets.

In addition, if you wish to get rid of your Tibetan Mastiff because of behavioral issues, TM Rescue will be happy to try to help you in modifying the undesirable behavior. Please understand, however, that any Tibetan Mastiff that has demonstrated unwarranted aggression to people, will neither be taken into TM Rescue, nor will we refer potential placement homes to you.

In such case, it is your responsibility to either protect the public from your dog or to take whatever other steps are necessary. You will find on our website an excellent article originally written by the Chow Chow Club, Inc. and adapted to Tibetan Mastiffs, on how to find a new home for your TM. If, after reading this article, you still wish to place your TM and your TM is neither seriously ill, nor has it shown any unwarranted aggression to people, and you would like TM Rescue's assistance, please contact us at tmrescue@tibetanmastiff.org .