Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc.

dedicated to the rescue, care and protection of Tibetan Mastiffs

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All donations to ATMA Rescue from this time on should be made to Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc. TM Rescue is a not-for-profit corporation and has received from the IRS a revenue ruling granting it status as a charitable organization, retroactive to January 2, 2003. All donations to Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc. are tax deductible.

Please make your checks payable to:
Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc
and mail them to:
Jazille Eilles
185 Riverwood
Boerne, TX 78006

You can now also make an online donation to Rescue via PayPal, simply by clicking on the button below! Thank you in advance for any donation you may make - every penny helps!

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