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Reasons to Adopt a Tibetan Mastiff Rescue

People often wonder - why anybody would want to adopt a rescued dog? Most people say that they want to have a puppy, because puppies are so cute, so wonderful. Why would anybody want to adopt an adult dog whose own owners didn't want it? In fact, many rescued Tibetan Mastiffs have made wonderful pets for many happy families. Dogs come into rescue for many reasons: some are abandoned, some have been abused, some have had the tragedy of losing their owners to illness or to death, some have had their families fall on hard times and be unable to afford to keep them, or have their owners move to another country and be unable to take them. Not all TMs who come into Rescue are problem dogs.

TM Rescue will not place a dog in an adoptive home until we are convinced that any issues or problems that the dog may have had and which may have caused it to be placed into rescue, have been resolved satisfactorily. In the case of abused dogs, we will not place the TM into an adoptive home until we believe that the dog has sufficiently regained its confidence and joy in life to be able to make somebody a good pet.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider adopting a rescue:

1) They are housebroken. Puppies must be housebroken and in order to do so, need a consistent schedule, which can be hard to achieve if the adults in the household all work. A rescued TM, almost always an adult, will come to you fully housebroken, and, as a practical matter, will be able to "hold it" more reliably than a puppy or young dog can. In addition, an adult TM will allow you to sleep through the night, while puppies will often be homesick and very demanding.

2) Tibetan Mastiff puppies and young adults can be extremely destructive, most rescues have outgrown this stage and you are less likely to have your house eaten from the inside out with a rescue.

3) Puppies are adorable, but you don't necessarily know what they will look like when they are grown up. With a rescue, you know exactly what your dog will look like, how big it will be, and to a large degree, what its personality is like.

4) The people involved with Rescue have decades of experience in the dog world and are very good at placing the right dog with the right person.

5) Are you worried whether a new puppy will get along with your cat, your bird, your other older dog? With a rescue, who has spent time in TM Rescue, we believe that we will be able to more accurately predict the likelihood of success when you bring it into your home.

6) Are you worried about what sort of health problems your puppy may have? Are you worried about hip dysplasia? Again, with an adult rescue, many of these issues will be known. An adult dog is much more of a known quantity than a puppy is.

7) Finally, you will be doing a very good deed. Although you should expect an adult TM to take six to nine months to fully bond with you (particularly in cases where the rescue has lost its home due to the death or illness of its former owner), you will have a wonderful companion for life.