Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc.

dedicated to the rescue, care and protection of Tibetan Mastiffs


Ty - is a big red boy who stops traffic. Out on a walk, everyone wants to meet him. Ty has been passed around a lot and needs a secure and stable home that understands "tough" TMs and can deal with them. Ty was mistreated at some point in his life and so is very resistant to vet care. He responds well to positive reinforcement but can be quite protective of his home. Ty does well with some female dogs, but has taken a dislike to cats. Ty is housebroken, very loving to his people, great in the car and gentle with children. Ty is 3 years old and on thyroid medication which he'll need for the rest of his life.

YIPPEEE - Ty has finally been adopted by a wonderful couple who have had Anatolians for several decades. Ty is staying in California, and except for the occassional visit, we hope we won't be seeing Ty again!