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Nate rescued on 04-02-2024

Nate was picked up as a stray in Atlanta and has a Romanian microchip. That was a dead end. No one came looking for Nate and the shelter contacted us to see if we could take him. The shelter vet believes he is about two years old. He appears very friendly, as has been confirmed by the person fostering him for us, not at all aggressive along the fence line or towards other dogs on the other side of a fence. His foster believes he was shaved in the last several months, and that his coat is coming in now . Nate came to us today so please do not ask us any questions because we will not know the answers. We need to get to know him and he should be available for adoption once he has been neutered and we can evaluate his personality. But, as stated, he appears to be a very nice, friendly, dog. 

Nate is moving to Pennsylvania to his new home!!!