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Cash rescued on 05-18-2019

Cash is 5 years old and a very sensitive boy.  He lost his primary person and then his next home and has been somewhat depressed.  He’s now coming out of his shell and we can see how sensitive and sweet he is.   He’s lived with his brother his whole life and his past home told us he used to take him to the dog park regularly.   He’s great on a leash and for the groomer and is a big boy.  He came to us very over weight so has been on a weight loss program and is doing great.   Cash needs a home that gives him lots of love and butt scratches and can promise him he’ll never lose his family again.  Cash came from a shelter in N. California.

Cash has decided to stay in southern California, and has joined a home that recently lost their 14 year old TM rescue, Kara.