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Izzy rescued on 02-14-2018

Ivy and Izzy were held captive in an abandoned garage in the middle of a freezing NYC winter.   They lived in filth with only each other and a frozen 5 gallon bucket of water.  One of the windows was broken out which allowed neighbors to hear the girls crying and barking in the middle of the night and they called the authorities who seized the dogs on a cruelty/neglect complaint.   Luckily the people signed the dogs over to animal control and they were able to come to our rescue.  We are told they are 5 year old sisters and they are very bonded.  We don’t use that word lightly but in this case the girls have really learned to rely on each other with Ivy being the boss and Izzy being taken care of by Ivy.   They are very sweet, quite people friendly typically aloof and great with each other.  We’re letting them decompress and will test them with other dogs and cats.

Ivy and Izzy were lucky enough to be adopted - TOGETHER - almost immediately, and have gone off to be very spoiled in a great, TM-experienced home.