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Maya rescued on 06-30-2014

 Meet our newest rescue girl. While we are over full, we really couldn't say no to this poor girl who has lived her life on top of a mountain in the hot Nevada sun with the only shade being burrows she and the other dogs dug. She's been used as a "breeder" for the past 7 years of her 8 year life.  She is skin and bones, in horrible shape and has a large, very hard mammary tumor. We are hoping we can help this sweet girl live a happy life. She is deeply depressed. 

She will be spayed and have the tumor removed and tested in a few weeks, once she has gained some weight and is stronger. We are already getting some tail wags from Maya. She loved her bath, and has quickly learned to love treats. She has a long way to go, but she will make a wonderful companion for someone who would like to give an older girl a great home.

Maya has flown east and now lives with several other TMs and Tibbies and other dogs. She likes hanging out in the shade under a tree, watching the world go by.