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Benjamin rescued on 10-29-2013

 Benjamin is a Tibetan Mastiff imposter.  He was found as a stray in Northern California and his time was up at the shelter.  He was filthy and matted and from the photos looked enough like a Tibetan Mastiff that we opted to get him out of the shelter rather than see him killed.  Turns out he looks very much like a Tibetan Mastiff in many ways, but has different coloring and a much softer temperament.   He's a big boy and we think the best guess is a Leonberger Great Pyrenese mix.

Benjamin could not be any more sweet or gentle.  He's good with other dogs and likes kids.  He is great on a leash and really eager to please.  Benjamin is healthy and as soon as he's neutered ready to go to a great home.

And Benjamin is gone! Off to the snowy north - he flew to Wisconsin. We can't wait to hear about his first encounter with snow!!