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Tallulah rescued on 02-14-2015

 My name is Talullah and I'm a big, gorgeous girl!  I'm 3 years old and love other dogs, cats and kids.   I'm very smart and starting training for something called agility soon.   My favorite things are my people, treats, going for walks and cuddling on the sofa.   I do a great job of protecting my people's home and yard so I'd love to find a home that doesn't have a lot of strangers coming over.   I can be introduced to strangers, but I don't always trust them at first.   I've been waiting for the right home for a long time and hope my people are coming for me soon.

My foster home finally realized I wasn't going anywhere (people can be so dense!!) so I am staying in southern California, with my friends, Cornelius and Tabitha.