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Nanda rescued on 02-14-2013

Nanda is a 6 month old puppy who was brought to a Canadian shelter in the trunk of a car with a chain around her neck.  She had been clearly abused and starved.   The shelter called us and she is now with TMRescue thanks to the help of two members who drove up to Canada and picked her up.

Although Nanda has been through a lot in her short life, she is incredibly sweet. She's learning to walk on a leash, is good with people and other dogs.  We suspect she will be fine with cats but will test.

Nanda is a pretty girl at 70lbs currently and would love a home where she can be a puppy.  Because she was hit, we think young kids who waive things would not be appropriate in a home for her.

Nanda has been adopted by a couple and will be living in TX till he retires from the military, and then will be heading north.