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Max rescued on 09-22-2012

This poor 8 year old boy was dropped off at a Central California shelter when his family said they were moving.  He quickly became a shelter favorite.  He's very sweet, hasn't met a person he doesn't like yet…great with all dogs and loves kids.   He's neutered and vaccinated and ready to spend the rest of his life in a great home.  Unfortunately T M Rescue is full and we can't take him so it's urgent we find a foster or permanent home soon.  The shelter will give us a little time to find a place for him.


8 year olds make fantastic companions as they are past their destructive stage, mellow and they're the perfect easy pal to have around.

Update. In fact, the shelter would not give us time and the person who had volunteered to foster, changed their mind, so, of course, he has ended up in TM Rescue even though we are full. He is very sweet, very big and very mellow. 

Max has gone to a great home in the LA area, and has joined Poppy and several other elderly dogs and has already decided that the 20 luxury dogbeds werent good enough for him. He took the owner's bed.....