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Bruce rescued on 06-15-2013

Bruce is the son of one of our girls currently in rescue.  He was adopted from a shelter as a puppy and returned at about 1 year old for doing what Tibetan Mastiffs do when they're bored.  Bruce is very people friendly and prefers larger dogs to smaller ones.  We're thinking he may not do well with cats but will test him if needed.  Bruce is a very BIG boy that has some filling out to do.  He came from a home with lots of people and kids.

You can see Bruce on YouTube: http://youtu.be/YPhYo7asM-c

And for a more recent video (with a guest appearance by Ruby): youtu.be/VJ4vHvewei4

Bruce has gone off to live in upper New York State - his new family has adopted 3 other rescues from us.