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Clarice rescued on 07-02-2013

Clarice is a PERFECT Tibetan Mastiff.  She is sweet and gentle and loves people and other dogs, cats too.  She loves to give hugs and kisses and loves attention and being brushed.  Clarice knows some obedience and is great on the leash.  She'd make the perfect addition to any family.

Clarice didn't travel too well, so she needed a bath - see her video at  http://youtu.be/iyALGkPHA0U 

But now she is a very happy girl - see her at http://youtu.be/LMT85hGmgj8

Clarice went to live with 3 other dogs and though it was great for the first several months, Clarice decided she had to be the #1 in all ways. She would do best as an only dog.

Claire is on her way to Georgia, to be the center of attention as an only dog of someone who just lost her last TM (also a rescue from us) at the age of 14. We think Clarice will be very happy.