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Dolly (now known as Kali) rescued on 04-13-2012

Dolly just came into rescue. She is a great dog, very friendly, who loves to play with other dogs - pictures will be posted soon but in the meantime, watch Dolly on YouTube playing with Reggie.


Dolly had to have a hip replaced and is recovering from her surgery - the only problem is that she wants to play!

YEAH! Dolly has gone to her new home in New England!! They have been patiently waiting for her to get an "all clear" from the great Dr. Aiken, who did the hip replacement, and now she has gone to join her family with 2 young boys and a mature TM boy. They had a place available for Dolly since they had lost their other TM suddenly a few months ago, who was another rescue ffrom us.

We konw that Dolly will have a wonderful life: it's been great to know you Dolly! And now Dolly is known as Kali!