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Lola has decided to become a Canadian girl, and has moved in with Jennifer and her husband, Jeno, in Oshawa, Ontario. Jennifer writes: "Lola is a dream girl. She is definitely a house dog. She heads to the patio door if she needs out; beyond that, she rotates from the den, to the library to the sunroom looking for the most plush carpet. She navigates the hardwood well, and sounds [affectionately] like a herd of Tibetans when taking the stairs.


The first night she came to bed with me but moved to the upstairs sunroom around 3:30; I guess I must snore. The second night she moved to the couch in the sunroom. Last night, when I said I was going to bed, she barrelled up the stairs to the sunroom - pretty smart, but my judgment may already be biased."