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We were notified there was a five-year-old male TM that a family needed to surrender in June. Samson was escaping from his yard and they could no longer care for him. Samson had been removed from his first home due to a cruelty report as the first owner had tied weights around his neck to keep him in the yard. We contacted the owner and offered help but they were unable to keep Samson until a new home could be found, they placed him in the shelter the day after we spoke with them. Bob drove to Longmont that day and had Samson signed over to him. A trip to the vet proved Samson thin but in reasonable health and he came to our home. Multiple attempts to contact the breeder were unsuccessful. We fostered Sam for four months and he proved to be a gentle and loving boy. We had several inquiries about him but nothing seemed to fit. We decided we had another member to the family. The Rogers contacted ATMA as they had lost their TM Bear that year and were interested in another rescue. Multiple phone calls and e-mails later Samson had a new family. Bob drove Samson to Missouri to meet Bill and Barbara Rogers. He now resides in Ohio on their farm as a valued member of their family to live out the rest of his life.

Bob and Deb Evans

Dear Special Foster Mom and Dad!

I have had to wait until Barbara/Mom had the time to write for me, but she has a few minutes now to start a letter, so here I am!! If you don't mind, I will now start calling you Bob and Deb, as it can get too confusing and Bill and Barbara are now my new Mom and Dad, thanks to you!!

Rainbow's End is as heavenly as Mom and Dad promised us all it would be! And I do love my new spotted brother Sydney, as he has everyone trained to give us cookies whenever someone shows up!! Ms. Chelsea doesn't seem to mind me a bit and I have had my nose in her tummy a couple of times. She is the tiniest kitty I have ever seen, they call her Feather because she is so little. Now Master Ziggafoose is another story. That big boy won't have anything to do with me yet, and I have been home for well over a week!! He still lives in the kitchen cupboards or runs up to the office or hides under beds or sits on the refrigerator and stares at me. I try to get close to sniff and let him know I am an OK guy, but he is still not interested. Hopefully he will figure it out soon. Meanwhile he eats in very strange places that I can't get to!

I just love it here!! Dad takes me on long walks so I can learn the boundaries of the valley, and my favorite part is when I can walk in the creek!! I love getting wet!! And, towel dried!! Because I have no interest in leaving, Mom and Dad will let me run loose for a bit and it is so nice to RUN!! Of course, I have to be brushed because of all the burrs and stick tights that like to latch onto my fur, but that is okay with me!! Sydney now thinks he has to be brushed too, which is really funny, as he has no fur at all, just short stuff! And, he sheds and I don't!!

I have met so many people!! It took JR and Rick a few days before they were not intimidated by my size and bark but now they know I won't hurt them, and because I now know who belongs here. Ms. Carrie and Ms. Amy took to me right away and we became fast friends, and I never bark at them. In fact, Ms. Amy came down this morning and wondered why I hadn't even got up to greet her when she got to work!! I was sleeping and since I know her car sound I did not feel like it was necessary!! And, today Ken, the UPS guy, met me too! He didn't give me cookies but I still like him. Last weekend, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Ron and Lisa drove down from Northeast PA to meet me too, so I have met some of the family as well. Aunt Cathy said I could come for a visit whenever I want to because I am such a good boy!!

One thing I have noticed is that I seem to be called Bear a lot before people realize what they said and then call me Sam or Samson. Mom calls me Sambear. I see his wood sculpture on the wall and his picture on the refrigerator, so I know why they call me Bear. I don't mind though, as long as they love me and rub my ears and don't get upset when they find me sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night!! And, some little girl thought I REALLY was a bear while we were walking on the bridge over the Mississippi River north of St. Louis on the way home. "Mom! MOM!! It's a BEAR!!" Her mom wouldn't let her come over to pet me, so maybe SHE thought I was one, too!!

Mom has to start covering plants as they expect a frost here tonight and because we want to add some pictures before we send this, she needs to stop writing for now. Please give my love to my other buds at your house, and always know that I love you both and thank you for taking care of me until God found me my new home at Rainbow's End!!

I love you!


Samson the Bear