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dedicated to the rescue, care and protection of Tibetan Mastiffs


Amp spent less than a week in the kennels at Karol's after Karol and I picked him up at the airport. He has been in his new home now for about two weeks. He has adapted well - even learning some bad habits from our other TM - like barking at the neighbors! He rides very well in the Suburban and has discovered the joys of Dairy Queen! The entire house shakes when those two get to wrestling - thank goodness we haven't replaced the couch yet. I must say that our little girl Bleu really seems to love him. Now if we can just convince our Akita and pound mutt to do the same. It seems that he has had a rough enough life prior to arriving here. The only word he really seemed to understand was NO! He has met cats, been headbutted by Henry the goat, constantly growled at by our pound mutt (she growls at everything), and visited Petsmart and never shown any signs of aggression.


Thank you to all the rescue folks for your help, caring, and dedication.

Brad & Ampo