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At the present time, we have one story out of Reno that just breaks my heart. I received an email from a girl there and she requested our help. Joe is 9 years old and had been tied to a tree on a six-foot chain in the woods for 2 years. The people moved, left him there and someone came by once a month. The dog was left food in a feeder and filled up water buckets for him. He has only 3 legs, as it seems he lost his leg when he got tangled up in barbed wire. The owner did not take him to the vet so gangrene set in and the leg was lost. After having checked the dog and the story out, I have decided that the best thing is to bring him here and let him spend his time as a couch potato with the rest of the seniors here. I want to take this opportunity to thank Julie and Emily for helping me get this dog. They took the time to visit and talk to the girl who rescued him and laid the groundwork for him to come to a safe and loving home. Thank you, guys, and hugs from heaven to you.

Joe stayed with Karol in Georgia.