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Peter, Pan, Tinker and Belle

Peter went to Dave who was waiting in the wings and driving me crazy. He is doing wonderful and according to Dave, is the smartest dog in the world! What more could we ask for?


And then there was Pan, who took a vacation from his sissies and stayed with Brad and Angie for a while and learned his manners. He has now made the trip back to Maryland with his special family. They came down and picked him up or should I say, he picked them out, latched on, and will never let go!


And then there were two... Belle talked this guy in Chicago into adopting her and convinced him that she was the greatest girl in the USA. He fell for it and as I watched him carry her out to the car (because she was tired) and head out, I felt wonderful!


And then little Tinker... She knew her family was on the way. They came by on Saturday and she promptly told them that she was ready. I was so proud of her. I worried that she would jump on the 2-year-old little boy, and if she did, I would not let her go home with them. I think she read my mind. She herded him back to his mom and that was it! She was ready to go home and take care of her family...