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Alanis added on 12-02-2023

Alanis was picked up as a stray and was fine with the people who found her but was an escape artist. Once she was turned over to animal control, she became kennel aggressive and was scheduled for euthanasia and available only to rescue. Thanks to a wonderful volunteer, we were able to pull her. The vet estimates her age to be 2. We don't know if she is good with cats, kids, etc., but need to get to know her.

Alanis is a foster failure!! She'll be staying in southern California, with Sydney and GiGi.

Location: Los Angeles
Color: Gold
Age: 2
Sex: F
Good with all other dogs: Yes
Good with opposite sex dogs: Yes
Good with small dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children under 10: Yes
Good with children over 10: Yes