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Shelby added on 09-24-2018

Shelby is a complete love to those in her inner circle and she protects them with all her might.   She is very dog and cat friendly and has a very silly personality.  She is our resident dog tester and welcomes all into rescue.   Shelby needs a home with only one or two people who can manager her high level of protectiveness.  She will not do well with strangers once established.  She is okay out in public.   We’ve had Shelby for a long time and we know her perfect home is out there somewhere.   Shelby came from a shelter in NY.

Location: California
Color: Black and Tan
Age: 4
Sex: F
Good with all other dogs: Yes
Good with opposite sex dogs: Yes
Good with small dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children under 10: No
Good with children over 10: Yes