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Lola added on 03-04-2018

Lola’s nickname is “The General.”  She came from a tragic back ground so routine, order make her feel safe.  She’s fine with other dogs as long as they don’t “misbehave.”  Too much barking or wild play with result in Lola telling them to knock it off.    She’s on the smaller side but incredibly strong so needs someone who can handle that if they plan to walk her.   Lola would love a quiet home with a fenced yard and a schedule she can count on.   Lola is very people friendly and great at the vet and groomer and easy to love.   Lola was rescued from the meat trade in China by another group who asked us to take her. 

Lola has finally gone to her new home - in Kentucky! And to prove that karma exists, it snowed a week after she got to Kentucky!!! 

Location: Kentucky
Color: Gold
Age: 1
Sex: F
Good with all other dogs: Yes
Good with opposite sex dogs: Yes
Good with small dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children under 10: No
Good with children over 10: Yes