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Baboo added on 07-06-2017

Baboo came to us from China.  He was terribly mistreated and starved almost to death, he also survived Distemper which is a miracle in itself.   Baboo is great with other dogs and cats and very playful and silly.  He loves to run and be chased and have his belly rubbed.   He hasn’t quite figured out how to play with other dogs yet but we’re confident that is around the corner.  Baboo is great on a leash and in the car and at the vet but he does best in an environment with consistency and not a lot of change.   He’s a little guy and would thrive in a home with other dogs and no small kids who live there.

Baboo has moved back to California where he has joined another rescue girl from us. We're sure Baboo will have a wonderful life.

Location: California
Color: Black and Tan
Age: 2
Sex: M
Good with all other dogs: Yes
Good with opposite sex dogs: Yes
Good with small dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children under 10: No
Good with children over 10: Yes