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Raja added on 03-11-2017

Raja is a sweet, handsome, happy 3 year old boy that was imported from Europe as a puppy.   He came to us in bad shape and we’ve worked on getting him well and happy.   He’s good with other dogs but loves to be the center of attention so needs to be with other dogs that will allow that until he settles in.   He’s great in the house and on walks and equally great at the vet and groomer.   He is playful, loves a good belly rub and treats.   He will typically protective of his home but not excessively so. We suspect he will be okay with cats but haven’t tested that yet.   Raja would do fine as an only dog or with other dogs to play with. 

Sadly, Raja died very suddenly....

Location: California
Color: Blue and Tan
Age: 3
Sex: M
Good with all other dogs: Yes
Good with opposite sex dogs: Yes
Good with small dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children under 10: No
Good with children over 10: Yes